4 Reasons To Own Insurance
What Insurance Does For You, Your Family And Your Business
Why Is Life Insurance So Important?
Mortgage Insurance
Protect your mortgage payments from foreclosures and bankruptcies! 
Life Insurance
Protect your income against health crisis and medical emergencies!
Business Insurance
Protect your business, income and business partners from losses and tragedy!
Retirement Insurance
Protect your retirement future with retirement income plans that will outlive you!
Your Final Gift of Life Insurance to Those That Matters
Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Family, Home And Business Is Protected.
Many clients we work with come to us after they've gone through the hassle of searching for a quote online or other methods and are undecided what type of insurance they need, how much insurance they need and for how long to plan to fund an insurance product. We take all of those headaches out of the equation with our straight-forward approach to applying for life, business, mortgage, retirement and health insurance.
The Process
So How Does Insurance Work?
Life Insurance Specialist Knows the Insurance Market place
If you are in need of insurance and looking to protect yourself, your family and or your business, we can provide you with our absolute best rates, right plans and preferred terms. 

We have the expertise and professionalism needed to protect your mortgage loan, life insurance, retirement income and business insurance against sickness, accidents, disabilities and death. We have great plans with A-rated carriers that will replace your income if you got sick or hurt and unable to work or if you passed away prematurely. 

Your plans can pay off your mortgage loans, settle estates, pay off debts and give money to your family to maintain their lifestyle, buy out your business partners to maintain your business as well as provide retirement income you will outlive.  Insurance will pay your burial expenses, settle your estates and families financial needs for the best rates possible with over 30 insurance carriers to choose from!!!

Instantly quote and apply online. Get customized quotes. Virtual and Zoom appointment. Telesales appointments. Limited in-person appointments also available with PPE safety measures. Insurance video library. Trending weekly newsletters. Social media network connections. Extended customer support hours.
How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?
The costs for Life Insurance depends on 9 major factors!!!

1. Age -The younger you are the cheaper and better your rates.

2. Gender - Females are cheaper to insure than males.

3. Height - Is measured in proportion to weight and age. 

4. Weight - Are graded in tiers and should be in harmony with height.

5. Smoker or Non-Smoker - Smokers pay more in insurance unless you smoke weed a few times per week.

6. Health  History - Your past 5-10 years health history can affects you approval rate.

7. Medication History - Can affect your approval rate.

8. Driving History - Can affect your approval rate.

9. Criminal  History - Can affect your approval rate.

10. Neighborhood/City - Can affect your approval and rate.

All of these factors will play a role in determining the cost of your Life Insurance and the approval or denial of your life insurance.
However, the average we typically see is between $100-$500 per month, depending on how much life insurance you purchase.
With that said, you could also start with something to lock in rates at your current age and good health.

For example, let's say you're currently 55 years old. You know you need Life Insurance but you can't afford $75 per month for it right now but you will in the future.

You could get as much insurance as possible per month and then increase the amount of insurance later when you're able to afford it.
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